At TaxStudio, we are advisors first and tax preparers second. We want you to know that we sit at the table providing proactive tax advice to help you make sound business and investment decisions. From there, we will react and timely prepare all required US tax returns and disclosures. 
With experience assisting clients from over 70 countries, our tax team has the knowledge, proficiency and cultural familiarity to assist you with any of your needs, from US inbound or outbound, to an M&A deal or other cross-border tax matter. Additionally, TaxStudio has extensive experience with the specific nuances of

cross-border tax planning for non-US companies entering the US market; including addressing the needs of executives, entrepreneurs and/or founders of these companies. Through this subscription we:

  • Prepare and file your annual US federal and state income tax returns

  • Assist with quarterly estimated tax payments, when applicable

  • Provide updates of relevant tax law changes that may affect you and/or your company

  • US tax advisory on ad hoc basis




  • US inbound planning (entity choice, financing, repatriation)

  • US outbound planning (Subpart F, check-the-box planning)

  • Withholding tax and global treasury needs


  • Choice of entity planning

  • Cash tax vs. financial statement tax planning

  • R&D credit study
  • M&A transactional work

  • Preservation and utilization of losses

  • Foreign investment in US real estate (acquisition, operating, exit)


  • US expatriate taxation (tax equalization, secondment plans)

  • Inpatriate taxation (US residency planning)

  • Tax modelling for investment making decisions

  • Delinquent offshore filings

  • Foreign investment in US real estate (acquisition, operating, exit)


  • All associated tax return filings for US jurisdictions associated with the above tax planning