Who We Are

Founded in San Francisco in 2014, TaxStudio began partnering with early-stage companies to address their tax and accounting needs freeing them up to focus on their product and/or service. Fast forward to today and TaxStudio is a flexible, nimble, responsive tax/accounting/advisory service firm with team members across four offices: San Francisco, Santa Monica, Boise and Sydney, Australia.

Our Expertise

We are professional and forward-thinking advisors with industry and cross-border market expertise ready to help you navigate your business, planning and investments needs. Our client focus is early-stage start-ups to

mid-cap and cross-border entrepreneurs/investors. 

Our subscription services are focused on Tax, Accounting, Corporate Compliance and Advisory Consulting – with every subscription tailored for each client’s unique profile.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in our global experience and our own entrepreneur spirit. As a business ourselves, we continually push to be better whether its implementing software or new business models – with the ultimate goal of servicing our clients better. 

Our Commitment to Results

We simplify US tax and accounting for our clients offering our mid-office support and advisory services. TaxStudio believes in customized product pricing, cultural understanding, and scalable business solutions. We invest early in understanding your business and needs and our subscription model allows you access to our team in real time.

Our Experience

For a small niche firm, our global footprint is significant. Every TaxStudio team member has global working experience and/or is multi-lingual. Our nearly 250+ clients span over 20 countries and our team has worked over the years with clients in over 70 countries! Although our clients span across the globe from Asia to Europe, we have a particular level of focus on Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom (as a result of key team members having lived and worked in those countries).