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tax and mid-office services with a global perspective.

At TaxStudio our primary mission is to provide cutting edge professional services for Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, Cross-Border Investors and many others.






our four key services:



At TaxStudio, we are advisors first and tax preparers second. We want you to know that we sit at the table providing proactive tax advice to help you make sound business and investment decisions. From there, we will react and timely prepare all required U.S. tax returns and disclosures.

With experience assisting clients from over 70 countries, our tax team has the knowledge, proficiency and cultural familiarity to assist you with any of your needs, from U.S. inbound or outbound, to an M&A deal or other cross-border tax matter.

Additionally, TaxStudio has extensive experience with the specific nuances of cross-border tax planning for non-U.S. companies entering the U.S. market; including addressing the needs of executives, entrepreneurs and/or founders of these companies. 

Our primary areas of expertise:


  • U.S. expatriate taxation (tax equalization, secondment plans)
  • Inpatriate taxation (U.S. residency planning)
  • Delinquent offshore filings
  • Transfer pricing
  • Foreign investment in U.S. real estate (acquisition, operating, exit)


  • Choice of entity planning
  • Cash tax vs. financial statement tax planning
  • M&A transactional work
  • Preservation and utilization of losses
  • Foreign investment in U.S. real estate (acquisition, operating, exit)


  • US inbound planning (entity choice, financing, repatriation)
  • US outbound planning (Subpart F, check-the-box planning)
  • Withholding tax and global treasury needs

Tax Compliance

  • All associated tax return filings for U.S. jurisdictions associated with the above tax planning



From seed round and initial development, all the way through maturity and potential exit, our accounting team partners with you to handle the day-to-day bookkeeping and producing valuable outputs that could be used for benchmarking, tax compliance or meeting investor requirements. 

Our services can help you with:

  • Set up/refinement of chart of accounts
  • General ledger entries and maintenance
  • Monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements
  • Bank reconciliations and supporting documentation



Connected to our Accounting/Bookkeeping service, we can manage your payroll through a payroll service platform. Let us make sure that your team gets paid on time; you focus on growing your business. 

Our services allow us to seamlessly:

  • Set up and manage payroll
  • Navigate through various employee benefit options (e.g., 401k plans)
  • Manage personnel changes such as new hires, elections, terminations
  • Facilitate variable compensation payments



We know that corporate compliance is a critical area for fast paced companies. Our corporate compliance team monitors and ensures that your company remains in good standing in the U.S. – handling everything from state registrations to managing state sales tax. 

Through this service we:

  • Assess required business registrations and filing requirements
  • Monitor filing requirements to ensure ‘good standing’
  • Assist with filings and responding to notices, as needed
  • Provide a U.S. office address for non-US / remote businesses




Mid-Office Services for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

Building a business requires you to focus your time, attention and resources on your product/service as well as your team. When you partner with TaxStudio, you know that a team of professionals is devoted to helping you succeed in keeping track of all the other details. Things like tax, accounting, payroll, and remaining in good standing are being taken care of with thoughtfulness and care in a way that helps your company be better.

That’s what we do at TaxStudio. Mid-office means we do more, and care more than traditional back office solutions. TaxStudio provides these mid-office services to start-up, small, and early stage companies with a team who understands the fast-paced life of growing companies.

Our four principal mid-office service offerings:

  • Tax (Consulting and Compliance)
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Payroll

In addition, we provide various other services such as mail forwarding, CFO services (through strategic alliances), and are able to create custom solutions as needed.





Founded in San Francisco in 2015, TaxStudio began partnering with early stage companies to address their tax and accounting needs freeing them up to focus on their product and/or service.  Fast forward to today and TaxStudio operates in two locations (San Francisco and Los Angeles) and has expanded its service offerings with clients spread across the globe in over 70 countries!

From a people perspective, the TaxStudio team is a diverse and talented group of professionals with tax/accounting backgrounds and a healthy dose of the entrepreneur spirit. Too many tax and accounting professionals act like historians – focused on the prior year financials and the preparation of a tax return reporting the activity that happened last year. Our focus is, and always will be, working with fast moving entrepreneurs to manage risk and proactively address how tax and other mid-office aspects interact with their business drivers.

We still do tax returns for our clients -they must be done -but our critical role, our mission, our reason to exist, is to be proactive trusted advisors to each and every one of our clients. We must help solve today’s problems and anticipate tomorrow’s.




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